The Sanctuary

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A safe HAVEN for abused children and women

The situation in Aruba demands our urgent support. In short of a week’s time, April 30 to May 5th, three children aged 2, 3 and 6 were taken into the urgent care in the Aruban hospital. All three children had been sexually abused by their fathers, grandfathers or stepfather, and all three suffered such severe damages that they were still hospitalised after a week. After their hospital stay, there was no shelter for these families to find safety, treatment and support. Most children and their mothers in these cases have no other option than to go back home where the perpetrator lives.

The Sanctuary will be the first safe space for abused children in Aruba, and will offer immediate help in a crisis situation. Both the children and their mothers or non abusive caretakers and siblings will receive help to heal and recover. Together with trained and experienced professionals we will plan for a loving, sustainable and safe future.

The Sanctuary is a 24/7 facility with a holistic approach run by trained professionals. We offer trauma treatment, high safety protection, healthy food, lovely play oppurtunities and support and guidance for the caretakers / mothers and siblings. Within 3 months the family is ready to stand on their own, while we still offer treatment and support groups. The costs to host one family is $4.000 per month and we will be able to host 6 families parallel. During one year we will support 120 women and children, during five years 600 women and children.

Please help us heal these families in need. Support by donating money now, and share with your friends and network and please, dare to talk about this with your friends and family.


The statistics all over the world are high, ranging from 20% in Europe to 45% in Aruba and Latin America. The statistics of child abuse and domestic violence are never accurate and the actual facts higher, as they are often covered up and not reported.
We must acknowledge that this is happening in our own country, town, school, daycare and neighbourhood. We must give all the children a voice.

Support the children in Aruba by donating now. You can also share our mission with your network. Or dare yourself to talk about hard issues with your family and friends.  All change begins with us – and it begins by shedding light on those dark topics we often hide under the rug.

life stories from SURVIVORS

Meet the brave women who have dedicated their lives to help others heal and read their life stories. We are proud to host them here in our open space, where every child and woman has a voice. And note the importance in listening and acknowledging what has happened to the child. If you are a survivor and want to share your story with us we are honored to listen to you, email us here at

Patricia, survivor of years of sexual abuse from early years until she was 14.
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Meet Amanda Kullenberg, survivor of 4.5 years of sexual abuse.
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Karen Mademilia-Henricus, survivor of 15 years of sexual abuse from the age of 2 to 17.
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  • In the Carribean and Latin America, 45% of all women and children suffer from abuse

  • The perpetrator is often a family member, a relative or close friend to the family

  • The problem is generational and the abuser has a background of being abused as a child

  • The problem exist and is the same all over the world, only the horrible statistics vary

  • The most important is to listen to the child and acknowledge that it has happened and prevent further abuse


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A safe space for abused children and women to heal and recover




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