OUR Mission:

One woman and one child at a time.

When we created the Yoga Girl® brand, one of our biggest objectives was to do more good, and to be of greater service to those outside our community who are really suffering. Our mission is to heal the world, one woman and one child at a time. 


Letter from Rachel and shama

In Aruba in November 2017, two young boys were abused to death by their parents. Rishandro, age 5, was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. The younger brother, Eugene, was found buried in the backyard of their house three weeks later. This was the start of the Yoga Girl® Foundation. We knew that we needed to take action and the foundation was founded in September 2018.

It has taken longer than expected to create a solid foundation to make a difference. In June 2019, we launched this website and platform that serves as our main tool to raise awareness and funds for support.

We are so grateful to you, for being here to read this. This means the world to us, and you mean so much to the world. Please take a moment to read about our projects and learn where you can be of service. Together we can do so much more.

With love,

Rachel & Shama

Our purpose

The Yoga Girl® Foundation supports women and children who suffer the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty. We provide emotional, financial and medical aid to support healing and empower growth. The foundation was founded September 3rd 2018 in Sweden by Rachel Brathen Schoneveld and Shama Persson.

Our mission

Heal the world, one woman and one child at a time.

We believe that all healing begins with ourselves. By supporting the healing of traumas in both women and children we know that change will come. We also understand the generational issues of deep rooted trauma and support healing processes for both mother and child.

Our vision

A world where every woman and child is safe, loved and free from harm.

our prioritized areas

  • Child safety and abuse prevention

  • Self-love and self-esteem empowerment in women

  • Stress reduction and anxiety prevention



If you treat children well, they turn out ok. If you don’t treat children well, they don’t turn out ok.

Gabor Maté, PHD


Three generations

of women working together to support other women and children, Shama to the left, Lea Luna in the middle and Rachel to the right.

Ways to help

The best and easiest way to help us is by donating money. Another way is by sharing our projects to your friends and family across social media. You could also sign up to volunteer, either in one of our projects or as an intern in our Stockholm office. If you know a friend in need, help them sign up for our life changing scholarships. Every little bit counts. We appreciate all that you do.


Make a Donation

Your donation is so important to us, as all our projects need more than love and kindness to manifest change. Any contribution is welcome and every dollar matters. Thank you for your contribution.


We always welcome your help in our mission to heal the world. In some projects, we will be open for volunteers. Our Stockholm office is often in need of a helping hand, too.

sign up for a yoga scholarship

From September 2019, we welcome women from these under resourced groups to apply for the 2020 Yoga Scholarships.