After Eden featuring Yoga Girl

Music collaboration with Yoga Girl® Foundation and the artist After Eden

“she’s a church, she’s a preacher…”

“She’s a church, she’s a preacher” are the lyrics of the breathtaking debut song from the artist After Eden. In this unique collaboration, our founder Rachel ‘Yoga Girl’ joins in the music video to symbolize the modern preacher and help women and children in need.
Through this collaboration, 10% of all royalties are donated to the Yoga Girl® Foundation.

New, innovative ways to raise fund

Thanks to this collaboration, funds will be raised every time someone listens to the beautiful song. The Yoga Girl® Foundation work hard to find more creative ways to both raise awareness and funds to our projects, and this music video is a great example.

How can you help?

The more you enjoy the music, the more good you contribute to the world!
Add the song to your playlists, share the Spotify link with your friends and enjoy the beautiful video on YouTube. At the same time, you will be helping those in need.



September 13, 2019


10% of all royalties are donated to the Yoga Girl® Foundation


Find the Spotify link here.

watch the video

Find the YouTube link here.