Bonigi are the creators of our backend system NGO Pro that helps us keep excellent track on every donation and connect with you on a personal level. Thanks to this system we spend less time in administration and more money can go to our projects. Another great benefit is that we can work from anywhere in the world!

Why do you want to work with the Yoga Girl® foundation?

"We admire the growth and influence of the Yoga Girl® brand as well as the love and compassion of the community on which it stands. We see a large potential in extending the brand to also include those outside of this community. We believe that the Yoga Girl® Foundation will make a great impact in changing the world by reaching out and empowering women and children in need of support. Our mission is to “help those who help others”. We are proud to be a part in helping the Yoga Girl® Foundation achieving their vision as it is also a part of our vision, to strive for our own and others wellbeing by working together towards “goodifying” the world."

What are your goals or wishes with the partnership?

"We see a bright future where this partnership not only has increased the funds but also expanded the reach of the platform and greatly improved the lives of women and children in suffering. When we look back at the starting point, we will see that it was the beginning of something far bigger than we could have imagined."

Josef Eklöf, Marketing manager

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