Rock + Raw

We are so thankful for our friendship with Rock + Raw Jewellery. They have given a sizeable donation to the foundation and continue to support us with a 10% giveback from every purchase coming through our channels.

Why do you want to work with the Yoga Girl® foundation?

"We believe in co-creation, in collaboration to raise the vibration of the planet. We hope to support the mission of the Yoga Girl® Foundation, which is fully aligned with our vision to create a space of healing and transformation."

What are your goals or wishes with the partnership?

"To co-create from the heart. To co-create a space of healing, and joy through our jewels and the properties they hold. To co-create by sharing a message. To co-create resources to support the work of the Yoga Girl® foundation. I feel like working with Yoga Girl® is like working with the universe but amplified. Divinely aligned goals, beauty, healing and love."

Lucy Sherwood, Founder

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discount code

Use the code YOGAGIRLFOUNDATION and you will get a 10% discount

Giveback to YGF

10% of all sales generated from our channels will be donated to the foundation