Yoga Girl® Scholarship



Each year, Yoga Girl® will give scholarships to every single Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat held at Island Yoga in Aruba. We truly believe in building a world where every person can achieve what they choose to pursue, without exclusion due to systemic privilege. We want to offer you a path and a tool for healing by joining one of our retreats or programs, or by becoming a one year member of our loving online yoga community.

We have established the Yoga Girl® Scholarship because when we say we want everyone to be a Yoga Girl®, we truly mean it. We want to be part of building a world where every person can achieve what they choose, without exclusion due to systemic disadvantage. 

We are particularly interested in welcoming people from the QTBIPOC community and other under resourced groups to our community and teachings. 

Our evaluation process will begin in September and you can send in your application already today.


Program start

September 2019


2020 Yoga Girl® Scholarship
Equality program


$ 40.000
($ 2000 per woman)




Do you want to join us in our effort in making the world more equitable? We welcome you to donate a spot in a retreat or training, a membership or any other service that would fit our program