Family Justice Center


A justice center for abused children

The situation in Aruba demands our urgent support. In short of a week’s time in April 2019, three children aged 2, 3 and 6 were taken into the urgent care in the Aruban hospital. All three had been sexually abused, suffering severe and life threatening injuries. This happened recently, but it wasn’t an isolated incident. This happens every week.

The infrastructure in Aruba is desperately missing a place of protection for abused children. The “normal” procedure brings them to up to 22 different locations, from hospitals, police stations and child protections services, causing them to be re-traumatized, again and again. But now, the Yoga Girl Foundation is here to catch them… and hold onto them with all our hearts.

A Family Justice Center is a multi-disciplinary center where everyone works together in the best interest of the child. The police, doctors, nurses, child psychologists and government agencies all work together under one roof in an organized child-friendly setting.

What happens at The center?

Backed by the Ministry of Public Health, Youth Care Organizations, Social Affairs and Justice, the Yoga Girl Foundation is working hard to create a safe space for abused children where everything can happen under one roof. One interview. One designated and loving caretaker to be there for each child. One place, that is warm and cozy and feels like home. The Yoga Girl Foundation will hold the accountability to make sure every child is seen, heard and supported.

The Family Justice Center in Aruba will encompass everything from medical and emotional treatment, to legal support and criminal justice.

Medical support

Specially trained medical staff help the child prepare for the medical examination and care.

Emotional support and treatment

Therapeutic services are available for both the children and their caregivers. Early support is offered through child trauma therapy specialists, family counseling and emotional support.

Legal support

A lawyer not only supports the child through the court process, but helps them access medical care, mental health support and police and social worker assistance.

Criminal Justice

The forensic interview is conducted by a specially trained clinical psychologist, supported by a police officer. This method helps to reduce re-traumatization while gathering the best evidence and putting the child’s needs first.


We must acknowledge that this is happening, not only in Aruba but in our own country, town, school, daycare and neighborhood. By highlighting the problem in Aruba, we raise global awareness to give all the children of the world a voice.

Support the children in Aruba by donating now. You can also share our mission with your network, or dare to talk about hard issues with your family and friends. All change begins with us – and it begins by shedding light on those dark topics we often hide under the rug.

life stories from SURVIVORS

Meet the brave women who have dedicated their lives to help others heal by sharing their stories. We are proud to give them a voice in our open space - every woman and child has a voice here and we acknowledge the importance of listening. If you are a survivor and want to share your story, email us at

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  • 1 in 5 children across the globe are sexually abused. In some countries, the number is 2 or 3 children in 5

  • In Sweden, only 20% of all sexual abuse is reported and only 4% of cases continue to court

  • The perpetrator is often a family member, a relative or close friend to the family

  • The problem is generational and the abuser tends to have a background of being abused as a child

  • The problem exists and is the same all over the world

  • The most important thing is to acknowledge the issue, let the child be heard and fight for justice


Project start

Winter 2019


A center for abused children to receive treatment and justice to enable their healing




$500,000 USD


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