Healing from trauma

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TRAUMA treatment for young children

Children exposed to violence, sexual abuse, neglect and other traumatic events are at high risk for adverse consequences on health and development. Young children are most vulnerable due to the impact of toxic stress on brain development during the early years.

The Swedish health care system is only able to provide specialised therapy to a minority of traumatised children. The lack of trained therapists is extensive. Methods available for treatment are mostly focused on older children and teenagers, even though it is well known that the impact of trauma is deep in early childhood.

Ericastiftelsen in Stockholm, Sweden is a ninety year old facility specialised in psychological treatment for children with different kinds of emotional distress. In particular, trauma treatment for children 0-6 years of age  is offered. They have a long and deep experience and knowledge not only in treatment, as they also educate child therapists, special teachers and social workers and perform research in the field.
Due to a withdrawal of the governmental funding in 2019 they are no longer able to treat children and their amazing support and trauma work has been put on hold. According to Swedish national reports, the number of children suffering from traumatic events such as violence and sexual abuse is growing, and with proper funding they would be able to help many children in need of  urgent treatment after trauma.


The exact need of treatment of a child depends on the circumstances and the specific needs of each child. One sessions of the method Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) treatment is 1.5 hours, some children need up to 60 sessions but the average number is 25 hours. 1500 USD will help one young child heal from the severe traumas experienced. Please help us heal the unimaginable wounds caused by adults in these children. Thank you!

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  • 1 out of 5 children suffer from violence and sexual abuse, 20% of all children.

  • The perpetrator is often a family member, a relative or close friend to the family

  • The problem is generational and the abuser has a background of being abused as a child

  • The problem exist and is the same all over the world

  • The most important is to acknowledge that it exists and listen to the child


Meet the brave women who have dedicated their lives to help others heal and read their life stories. We are proud to host them here in our open space, where every child and woman has a voice. And note the importance in listening and acknowledging what has happened to the child. If you are a survivor and want to share your story with us we are honoured to listen to you, email us here at info@yogagirlfoundation.com.

Patricia, survivor of years of sexual abuse from early years until she was 14.
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Karen Mademilia-Henricus, survivor of 15 years of sexual abuse from the age of 2 to 17.
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Trauma treatment for young children 0-6 years




$ 30 000
($1500 will help one young child heal)


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